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Yellow Caution Tape

8 Tips on How to Recognise a Property Investment Scam

We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees; and the last thing we need is to be conned out of our hard earned cash. With the growing number of scams out there, you need to be wary and vigilant to avoid becoming a victim. Strangely enough, those who are often most at risk of such scams are people who are financially savvy, as this target group is … [Read More...]

Inside a Yurt cottage

5 Unusual Property Investments

Investing in property involves the purchasing, ownership, and management, rental or resale of real estate with the goal of making a profit on the initial investment. Compared to other asset investments, real estate has limited liquidity and is also capital intensive. If these factors are well managed understood by the potential investor, real … [Read More...]

House on rock in river

Houses in Strange Locations

If you are looking to buy or rent a property, you may well be flummoxed by some of the houses in strange locations that are on offer. Some of these properties may seem ideal except for the fact of their weird whereabouts and it is a good idea to keep the following tips and advice in mind when you are considering buying or renting one of these … [Read More...]

Timeshare in Natal South Africa

Checklist for Buying Timeshare

Owning the right timeshare can be a great asset. It means that you will have a guaranteed holiday destination every year (or more often than a year). You will not have to worry about making specific plans for your yearly holiday or missing out on affordable accommodation or on the best destination. In some cases, you can leave some of your … [Read More...]

Bank repossessed house

Can You Stop Your Home Being Repossessed?

If you are in trouble with debt and in danger of losing your possessions, can you stop your home being repossessed? The answer to this question is yes. You do have a very good chance of saving your home from being repossessed if you act quickly and if you seek advice from the right people. You have several options of courses of action to take … [Read More...]

House prices going up and down

Property Valuation Reports

If you have a house that you are thinking of selling, you should definitely look into getting accurate property valuation reports. In order to work out what your home is worth and to get advice about what the market is like at the moment, you should get an evaluation of what your property is worth from an expert. Most real estate companies offer … [Read More...]